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Mission Statement

Improving LEAN manufacturing processes

Providing exceptional products on schedule

Maintaining a safe work environment

Satisfying customers


Miller Metal embraces LEAN manufacturing techniques with the constant goal of eliminating waste from manufacturing processes and administrative procedures.

Exceptional Products

Our ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management aims to continually improve the precision and timeliness of each product that leaves the facility.


The Delaware Insurance Department awarded Miller Metal for 10 years in the Workplace Health and Safety Incentive Program.

Customer Satisfaction

Knowing there is usually a better solution to any given problem has allowed Miller Metal to take on jobs that others would not, turning customers’ ideas into realities.


MillerMetal has been specializing in many areas of the fabrication industry over the last 25 years. Our success is largely due to our commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive prices.

MillerMetal services the Mid-Atlantic region on a daily basis, including Baltimore, Washington and Philadelphia. For small jobs or large production runs, we provide services to international corporations as well as small local businesses. We’ve even worked with entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful realities. All services are provided through the use of LEAN manufacturing techniques and just-in-time concepts, allowing us to complete a product with a lead time of a few days or even one day.

In the words of our company president: “You pay for the product, not the name.”

Senator Coons mentions MillerMetal Fabrication on the U.S. senate floor